Alistair Lee | Male Voice Over Artist

Australian voice actor, Alistair Lee, is a vocal chameleon.

Seamlessly changing his voice to match the surrounds of whatever creative scenario he finds himself in. He can quite literally take you on a global tour of accents and dialects, from tripping through the English countryside with all its regional nuances, boarding the Eurostar to Paris as a French citizen, interrogating a prisoner as a KGB colonel or telling you to behave in South Africa.

If American is more your sound, no problem! Take your pick from the Deep South – so deep you’ll swear you can hear them sounds of banjos being plucked in the background, you can head North if you prefer, or East or West Coast. It really doesn’t matter, let Alistair know and he’ll take you there.

If you’re looking for a character, give Al your creative vision and he’ll bring it to life before your very ears.

Don’t believe it? Listen to his demos and if that’s not enough to convince you, put him to the test yourself. He loves a challenge.

If you prefer he just plays it straight, why didn’t you say so?  That’s a piece of cake!

Alistair Lee Headshot
Alistair's guide dog, King

Alistair is a pleasure to work with, a consummate professional with a voice like warm honey, and comes with his side-kick King. He is proof of the need for more inclusion in Australia’s voice industry.

Matt Batten

An insight into working with Alistair

Al’s Custom-Built Home Studio

With a professionally setup home studio, Alistair has the ability to work with you, wherever you are, and whatever your project.

Designed and custom-built by Ritchie Jay Allum and the team at STUDIOUS, Alistair’s professional broadcast-quality home studio is top-rate.

With Source Connect Standard, Alistair is accessible to the world.

Set up Includes:

  • Primacoustic panels to keep the outside world out and the creative sounds in.
  • Your pick from the Neumann U-87 into the Avalon VT-737sp, or Sennheiser MKH-416 into the Neve style Pre-Amp.
  • The RME Audio Interface and custom-built PC running a state-of-the-art Digital Audio Workstation and Dynaudio Monitoring System complete the picture.
  • File delivery is quick and easy via Dropbox.

Alistair’s studio is basically an audio geeks 7th Heaven!

Happy Clients and Credits include:

  • Catch.com.au
  • Guide Dogs Australia
  • Hireup
  • Aon Australia
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Bushman Fridges
  • Visa
  • KFC
  • McDonalds
  • Lexus
  • Mercedes Benz
  • BP
  • Lion Nathan Brewing Company
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Calloway Golf Clubs
  • Great British Bake Off